We regret to inform that once your order is placed, neither cancellation nor refund can be made to your order.



However, any changes related to the delivery is allowable provided that customer has informed us at least 5 hours prior to the delivery via call or WhatsApp/SMS. Any changes or cancellation made under 5 hours are not guarantees. In the event that we are unable to fulfil the change even though notice is made at least 5 hours of your selected delivery time, the initial order and delivery time will be fulfilled.

We will not be responsible for any mistakes caused by customer due to incomplete/incorrect address, incorrect contact number or any other details provided by the customer. Cost of arrangement for second delivery will be bear by customer. Again, second delivery must be made within 24 hours, otherwise, customer is responsible for the full cost of item and delivery fees. No refund will be made.

Also, you are required to check the goods received are in good condition upon signing the received. Upon signing the received given by the delivery company, all risk and responsibility will be passed to the customer.


Return and Refund

All goods received by customer are not returnable or refundable, even if it’s not opened, unless there is a clear damage caused by the delivering company with a proof.

In the event that our delivery partner failed to deliver to you on the selected date, refund will be credited back in full to your bank account should you request for a refund, provided the cake has not been received on that day. Otherwise, a second delivery will be arranged.